Climate change is no longer a battle for community awareness, it’s a battle for technological breakthroughs and most environmental activists are poorly equipped to help.

The hard work of activists to change community attitudes towards climate change has been accomplished. We have an international agreement, a scientific consensus that emissions from human activity are changing the global climate and a majority of citizens in developed countries support the need to do more.

A survey of 1.22m people by the United Nations Development Programme found that 64% of people across 50 countries believe that there is a climate emergency.

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The ability to solve problems for yourself and those around you is a critical life skill. It not only allows you to make the world a better place, it’s the foundation of a lucrative and fulfilling career.

Typically problems fall into one of three broad categories: strategic, tactical and operational. Each requires very different skills and approaches to solve.


Strategic problems occur when there is no clear definition of success and/or insufficient resources to achieve the desired outcome.

At the strategic level, it’s critical to understand why your desired outcome is important and how pursuing it will limit your ability…

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simplerAlbert Einstein

In a world of ever-increasing connections between people, places and things, one small action can have an infinite number of outcomes. These connections create nearly limitless volumes of information. To make informed decisions in this complex environment requires simplicity.

However, creating simplicity must be the result of hard work, not a short-cut. Too often, in our rush to decide or to justify a decision we skip the process of building an understanding. This is a trap that often compromises the decision making of managers.

Alternatively, technical experts…

Despite a lengthy formal education, I spent the first few years after university frustrated that many of the mental models and skills I had learnt failed to apply in the real world.

Finally, I stumbled across the podcast Future2, run by a local innovation consultancy, where I had attended a few free training events.

One of the episodes recommended another podcast called Inside Quest (which has become Impact Theory) and two episodes, one with Firas Zahabi and the other with Tony Robbins.

These two episodes introduced me to Stoic philosophy, the growth mindset and a vast array of books and…

Tim opens the door and slips into the room. Mouthing an apology to the small group of people sitting at the table, he hurriedly takes his seat.

As the group refocuses on their previous conversation, James speaks up “So… as I was saying, the project hasn’t gone the way we had hoped. We haven’t been strategic. We failed to collaborate effectively and adopt a customer-centric approach.”

There are a few nods and murmurs of approval. No further analysis or explanation is put forward. Satisfied with that elegant summary, everyone in the room has moved on. Everyone except Tim. …

The world has turned on a dime. After ten years of economic boom, we sit on the precipice of a bust and its safe to say no-one saw it coming.

The impacts of COVID-19 provide an opportunity for us to re-evaluate whether data and algorithms are the panacea for decision making under uncertainty.

As our computing power, academic institutions and faith in technology have grown, so too has our belief in our ability to predict the future.

However, through technology, we have created billions of connections between billions of people and things. These connections have created systems and feedback loops…

Of all the experiences in my life thus far, one stands head and shoulders above the rest as having shaped who I am today. Playing Australian Rules Football or ‘footy’, as it’s known in the land down under.

Footy’s combination of physicality and endurance creates an experience of emotional intensity that reveals aspects of your character hidden by the comforts of everyday life. The intensity of the experience is largely driven by the risk of physical injury.

Whether it’s the tension that grips your body just before a heavy impact or the exhilaration of tackling someone to the ground running…

Leading people is a tough gig. Stepping into the shoes of another leader for a short period without the authority of a permanent position makes the job even tougher.

As an acting manager, you’re accountable for the outcomes of the team without being responsible for setting the measures of success, team culture or the resources available.

While the principles of effective leadership may be universal, there are some that become increasingly important in short-term leadership roles. In my experience I have found that there are five key principles to being effective in these roles:

1. Don’t try to be the leader you are replacing.

When filling in for an effective…

“Just as discipline and freedom are opposing forces that must be balanced, leadership requires finding the equilibrium in the dichotomy of many seemingly contradictory qualities” Jocko Willink

Much of the current leadership advice reads like a check-list of the qualities required to be a good leader. A good leader is: collaborative, strategic, empathetic, transparent. The list goes on. If only it were that simple.

A good leader can also be authoritative, detail-orientated, detached and secretive.

Good leaders go beyond a check-list of qualities. …

Staring at a blank Word document, the cursor flashed in the top left-hand corner of the screen. After a while, it felt like the screen was staring back. My frustration started to build…

I had been putting this off for weeks. Now after using up all available sources of procrastination: getting a coffee, replying to unimportant emails, looking around for someone to talk to and even tidying my desk, it was time to write. Hours of research, discussions with key people and one million thoughts about what I could write, yet, I was stuck. …

Sean Hanrahan

Aspiring stoic and strategist with an interest in leadership, history, and decision-making.

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